August 28, 2010

today's loves

i love...

the freedom that i have to teach what i want to my class. last night was full of paragraph comprehension, discussing ramadan, opposite words...and tongue twisters. wouldn't you know that "betty botter" is a bit difficult for people who barely speak english? many laughs filled classroom C last night. maaaannnnyyy laughs.
the irony of it all when our, for lack of a better word, jerk neighbor behind us called the police on our next door neighbor's son+friend for playing music outside at 8:30pm (on a Friday, no less)...and that by 10:30pm, when the police officer got off duty, he went straight back to next-door neighbor's house, plugged a guitar in himself, and let it rip. one should learn to better appreciate the sound of good music pulsing in the night air- especially when even the local law enforcement knows how to have a better time than you.
that my car should soon smell like cookies as I will be taking 8 billion to Danny. they might all make it there...
and that in 3 hours, i will be with vince. may this weekend hold many laughs, a small road trip "just because", and an entertaining bout at the roller derby.   :)

happy weekend

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