August 30, 2010

weekend loves


this weekend i loved....

having an exceptionally domestic saturday afternoon.  i find it fun taking vince to grocery shop, get the weekly hair cut, and to the laundromat every weekend. i enjoy reading during the wash and dry, and then helping fold his t-shirts and unmentionables. i'll be sad once his leg is healed up and he won't need me to drive and carry things on errand running day anymore.
HAND HOLDING. thanks to graduating himself to the use of only one crutch, this weekend, for the first time since april, vince and i were able to walk side by side and hold hands. i no longer feel like my arms have to dangle awkwardly as we walk- my hand has a home, and we look like a couple again.
date night at the roller derby, watching the hard knox girls smash the opposing teams in a big way. we agree that while yes, watching hours of a perpetual left turn could be boring -like, say, Nascar- roller derby has far better outfits, player names, and body-checking that ends in multiple girl pile-ups and enthusiastic "OHHHHH!" 's from the crowd. it just has "fun time" written all over it.
a lazy sunday afternoon drive, like the inner old couple that we are. vince, i liked everything about yesterday. the convenience of room-service breakfast in bed, hitting the road and ending up in a different state, getting lost, pulling over to properly ask for your forgiveness for snapping at you when i meant to yell at the GPS, and finally finding new towns and national historic parks with you. you're my favorite road tripper, going through a tunnel breath-holder, picnic sharer, handicap trail hiker, sunny Sunday Sonic sundaes partner, and best friend. would anyone else get excited and plug their Kindle into the audio jack in my car so that it could read 23% of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover to us on our drive home? i think not. lovelovelove you.
and a late night hummus date, then coming back to the room for a long Hunger Games reading sesh. thank you for letting me find out this weekend how much i love reading to you.

happy monday :)

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