August 26, 2010

yesterday's loves

yesterday i loved...

finding the book i've been waiting to read for months.
weather that is ALMOST starting to cool off. fall is near. i can feel it.
being welcomed back from the weekend into class by my students with open arms (literally) and "teacher- you drive safe going to see boyfriend? you drive safe? is your mommy good?"
being blessed with students that know they can come to me for help understanding things from their home life- Phys Ed permission slips, library policies, and, sadly, that 1st grader Ling was in time-out today for "incessant talking, not bringing his phonics book to school, and not paying any attention in class." where American parents would get angry, this was met with much i laughed too.
and a text from vince simply saying, "i'm still proud of you for volunteering for this. very proud." he is very good at making me feel super loved.


  1. mockingjay is really, really GOOD :) i finished it on friday.

  2. oh, good! i've read a couple of mixed opinions, so i'm excited to get deeper into it. i've taken a short break in reading mockingjay to read the hunger games to the boyfriend. i had no choice but to share with him how interesting i find these books! :)


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