September 24, 2010

fill in the blank friday [double feature]

part one 

My name is... Megan.

An accessory that I wear 24/7 is... a silver clover necklace that vince gave me as a college graduation gift with a super sweet card about luck and his support and how i can do anything... long story short, i no longer have the card and SO WISH that i did.  during the day i try to wear my promise ring as often as possible, but i've found that i'm somewhat allergic to it and my finger puffs up and itches like CRAZY if i leave it on over night. and before vince deployed, i bought a USMC Mizpah Medal that vince and i each wore halves of while he was deployed. i only recently took mine off, and vince's is on his dog tags. on the back of each half, it says "may the Lord keep watch between us, whenever we are apart". i thought it was fitting.

Do you eat the stems of broccoli? why yes, i do. i happen to like all of broccoli's bits... but raw or very plainly steamed. i don't do butter or cheese goo.

Do you like cupcakes? you could say that. i've made about six dozen in the past week and a half. like these!

One thing I look forward to this weekend is.... a visit from the boy. we have plans to cook dinner, find a new park we've never been to, and have some quality time together.

Last Halloween, I dressed up as... a blob of randomness from my closet. vince and i had pumpkin carving plans, but he had a grad school paper he had to get back to school and write, so we allowed ourselves an hour of halloween festivities before he had to leave, and we picked out "interesting" outfits for each other as our fancy pumpkin carving costumes. later that night, the brother and i put on other random 'hand out trick-or-treat candy' attire.

Apple or Orange Juice? orange juice, definitely.

The longest I've ever driven was... when my roommate kate and i went to myrtle beach, sc for spring break. i drove the entire trip except for when i crapped out 2.5 hours from our apartment. the drive to the beach took probably 12 hours because we stopped at every exit that said "historic downtown" so we could see new things, then on the drive back, we drove up to wilmington, nc to explore for a while, then drove the entire state of north carolina. long. freaking. day.

part two

via the little things we do

 In the story of my life the actor who would play me would be... according to vincent, "the woman from knocked up, but she's too old" ... katherine heigl.  my favorite he picked though is Kat Dennings circa Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. delightfully awkward, and i love itttttt. 

If I could change one thing about the world it would be... for everyone to take a step back and be a bit more open minded. i really think the world would be much happier if everyone wasn't so focused on letting everyone else know how "wrong" they are. the mix of religions, beliefs, and cultures present in my one tiny classroom twice a week is astounding- but we all learn something new every night and embrace it for what it is. as long as something doesn't harm another person, i do believe "to each, their own." 

Yesterday... i didn't hardly do anything on my to-do list. the most productive thing i did was mend some clothes and sew on buttons while catching up on Modern Family, then later emptied my trash can. woo. 

My favorite comfort food is... hmm. most recently our "fix all" food has been to go get hummus from Mellow Mushroom, and Sonic hot fudge sundaes. awful, i know. before moving back home though, it was japanese food (teriyaki chicken, rice, vegetables) that kate and i used to go pick up and sit on our living room floor to eat at the apartment.  with sprite. always with sprite. 

My new favorite blog find is... the little things we do, for the fun how-to's and fill in the blank fridays.  and not so new, but hyperbole and a half makes me laugh until i cry. every. single. blog post. 

If I could meet any blog friend (who I haven't met yet) in real life, I'd choose to meet... the Loerkes at Today's Letters. so creative and inspiring, and makes me excited to cultivate my relationship with vincent into such an awesome marriage later on. or aura at aura-joon. also inspiring.

My favorite breakfast food is... pretty much anything breakfasty. breakfast is my favorite. i love pancakes and waffles, i have a new-found love for bacon egg and cheese biscuits and splitting ham and cheese omelets with vince, i love sausage balls, i heart biscuits and gravy. even bagels and cereal have their own special place.  and now i feel like i need to get on the treadmill for typing this

happy weekend :)

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  1. we'd meet you guys in a heartbeat! just sayin.
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