September 3, 2010

today's loves and tons of PICTURES

i love...

that vince's surgery went smoothly. i stayed up at his hotel-home with him and played nurse megan. i can feed pain pills and replenish bags of ice like a champ. 
clean sheet smell. the only real pay off of doing some laundry last night. 
also last night, i finished the Mockingjay. very interesting end to the series. i read for hours last night and am kindof sad i didn't pace myself more so i could still be reading it!
and trip pictures. today's fill in the blank friday made me want to pull up all kinds of fun pictures. and maybe post some...

cumberland gap 2010

san diego, ca 2010

huntington beach, laguna beach, & palm springs, ca 2010


virginia 2010

historical adventures with shauna

Boston 2009

Pickett State Park Road Trip 2009

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