September 29, 2010

♥ our story [part 1]

In honor of our "4 year" anniversary this Saturday, I wanted to take a little while to write  what details I remember about how Vince and I "came to be". We love looking back and talking about what happened back then. Our little story turned into a long and wordy story, and all of those "little details" added up to a 10 part story of how we became an us. 

♥ the love saga 

Fall semester of my Sophomore year in college, I was required to take a public speaking class. As it turns out, that class kind of changed my life...

On October 2, 2006, my professor explained that the next speech we were assigned to give would be an informative one- and since we would be giving this speech close to Halloween, he thought it would be fun to assign that we each had to pick a spooky story or legend, and tell the class about it. Conveniently enough, a guest speaker was coming to campus that evening to talk about the legend of the Bell Witch of Tennessee, and to get us "in the speech writing spirit" I guess, my professor gave us the opportunity to go to the auditorium to listen to the presentation for extra credit.

Before being dismissed from class, I texted my friend Kayla and told her what was up so that she could walk from our dorm and meet me at the auditorium so I'd have someone to sit with. She grabbed our friend Justin and they headed over to save seats until my class made it to the lecture. Sifting through the massive crowd, I finally find the back of Kayla and Justin's heads on the right side of the auditorium, sitting with one open seat between Kayla and some guy. I make my way over and apologetically say, "Excuse me.." to the guy on the end- I always hate stumbling over people in crowds. Surprisingly, he smiles and hops up immediately to let me pass. I plop down and start talking with Kayla. 

Embarassing to admit, but before the speaker took the stage, we may or may not have seen another friend of ours a few rows up, and may or may not have loudly and gigglingly prank called him, and may or may not have used accents and asked things like, "What are you wearing??" ...we were 19. While we were obnoxiously laughing and carrying on, ducking behind the back of the seats in front of us, the cute guy beside me with the notepad on his lap keeps chuckling. (At the time, I'm sure my 19-year-old self thought "ah ha- this boy thinks we're charming girls- fully of life...witty even! And dare I say it? COOL." In retrospect I'm leaning more toward the fact that that he was simply laughing AT us.) 

At some point, I must have looked at the guy because I knew he was attractive, but none of my memory pictures have a view of him. I remember looking at his hands on his lap, noticing the cargo pockets on his khakis, staring at my feet, making the shifty eyes at Kayla silently asking, "who is this guy?", and watching him take notes on the speaker's presentation out of the corner of my eye. What reeeaaally got me though- and I don't remember if I made the comment to no one in particular or if it was to Kayla, but I said, "My feet are cold."- and without missing a beat, the guy leans over and says "Well, you should have worn real shoes." It totally caught me off guard and made me laugh. I think he said something else about how I should have thought more seriously about my decision to wear flip flops in October. 

I think I must have ended up asking him what he was taking notes for to bridge the conversation gap (an extra credit paper for one of his classes), and during the rest of the lecture, we made comments to each other and bantered back and forth a bit, laughing quietly at our jokes. When the Q&A portion of the presentation was over, the crowd made the lunge to get out of the auditorium, as college students usually do. That guy to my left stood to quickly gather his things, and I noticed his "Marines" t-shirt as he put on his backpack and sifted into the line pushing toward the door. I noticed that he seemed older than me, and really didn't think too much of the encounter because at the time, I did have a boyfriend back home- but I still felt somewhat disappointed that our accidental forced proximity had come to an end. I'd enjoyed sitting near and joking with him. 

I pushed through to find my professor and mark my name on the "yes, I stayed the WHOLE TIME" extra credit list, then made for the door with Kayla and Justin. As we reached the lobby, I noticed him lingering by the door- hanging back to wait for me- black backpack on, standing tall in his combat boots and Marines t-shirt, and also noticed how striking his bright blue eyes are with his dark hair. 

I walked over, and he shook my hand to introduce himself and said, "I'm Vince." I don't even remember giving him my name- all I can remember is thinking, "That's an interesting name... I've never met any "Vinces" before. Its a good name... fitting and kind of dreamy, and .... dreamy? ..wha.." I have no idea what else was exchanged in that short conversation, but I do know we'd moved out to the front steps of the building and that he was about to take off, and we were heading across the street to Justin's dorm to hang out. As we watched him leave and we made our way down the stairs, I do remember Kayla looking at me and saying, "He has pretty eyes. FIND HIM on Facebook."

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