September 30, 2010

♥ our story [part 5]

And that's how our first real "hang out" together lasted until sunrise (little did we know we might repeat this down the road.. but that part comes later) and as for me--well. I was hooked.  

The next day, I couldn't stop thinking about our time together- but feeling somewhat bashful about having had a boy I hardly knew in my dorm room overnight, I began to worry that he had gotten the wrong impression of me. Having not dated much (obviously), even something this small can make a girl feel a little guilty!  I began to worry that I had fallen for the dreaded college trap... the Serial Kisser. You know. THOSE guys. Or worse, that I was just someone he could hang out with in secret, non-daylight hours. And even worse than that- that I'd dumped my boyfriend of almost 2 years via text message for one of THOSE guys.  

But that afternoon, as I was sitting outside on a bench waiting for my advisement appointment to schedule the next semester's classes, I'm startled by a loud thump. Vince had literally jumped over my bench and has appeared sitting beside me with a "Hi!"  We talk for a few minutes- apparently he wanders around campus during the day because his work/study requires him to deliver messages, etc. He says that he just wanted to say hello and has to get going, and then, at the end of our somewhat awkward conversation, he says "goodbye" and sweetly leans in and kisses me on the cheek and leaves. A tiny gesture- a simple cheek kiss, during daylight hours, with people milling around. I sat wide-eyed on that bench for a while, and felt like goo. Happy goo. 

By that Thursday, October 12, 2006- the cute guy to my left at an extra credit lecture had officially asked me to "be his girl". Over the next couple of weeks, I brought him home to meet my family and attend my brother's Friday night high school football game, and I went home with him to meet his whole family and see his brother's high school play. I know he told me that he loved me first and very early on, but it took me a while to finally say it back, and I have no idea when I actually did. Halloween rolled around and Vince and I piled in the car with Kayla and Justin to go find a good haunted house, and I still haven't lived down leaving  bite marks in his shoulder from being scared even though I was squished up against his back and Kayla was squished against mine. 

halloween 2006

We spent most week nights that semester sitting on the floor of Kayla's room watching movies while Vince sat in the orange beanbag chair I'd drag down the hall every night for him to sit in while I sat on the floor beside him letting him play with my hair. I spent many evenings at his apartment letting him woo me with the finer things in life- like cheese and Tobasco quesadillas, or a shared bowl of Lucky Charms sitting side by side on his counter. Once, I mentioned that I needed to buy The Crucible for a Lit class, and he showed up at my dorm, book in hand. 

After we came back from Christmas break that winter, we'd stay up talking all night whenever we could between early classes and my field teaching practicum. Then, one very early morning, before the sun was even up, it started to snow. We layed beside each other in my tiny bed with my window open, watching the flakes fall, soaking up the feeling of warm blankets and cool winter air, and listening to the stillness that only comes with snowfall. Later that morning, as I padded through the snow beside him, hand in hand, I remember thinking that nothing looked more perfect than snow falling around us, catching on our clothes and hair as we smiled and kissed goodbye at the corner. As I said once in a letter to Vince, I fell in love with him that morning 3 years ago with snowflakes on his shoulders.

When Spring rolled around, we spent pretty days outside, and rainy days playing hooky from class for "nap dates" at his apartment watching movies. Summer rolled around and we both moved home. I wish this is where I could say that we continued growing together, and we've been together ever since, but it really wasn't like that at all...

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  1. oh this is so cute!!! i love a good love story. cant wait for part 6-10!!!


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