September 22, 2010


happy fall!

i really wish that today felt more like the first day of fall. today's (and the next few days') temperatures are supposed to stay in the mid-90's. gross. i'm really hoping that it will cool off soon so fall can really begin!

some things i look forward to this fall:
pretty leaves
daytime breezes
clear night skies full of stars
a four year anniversary :)
pumpkins! i really wanted to go to a pumpkin patch last year, but i'd settle just for carving one again
hoodies, and hoodie-hugs. 
vince's cooler weather mock neck pull-overs :)
my new job
the marine corps ball
(and the day after thanksgiving when to me, it is officially christmas season)

some old fall pictures:

an adventure turned photo shoot, mom+me+giant pretzels at Oktoberfest on Dad's Birthday, Vince and I dressed up in random things from my closet and pumpkin carved, and lastly, brother and i put on random costume things from around the house to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters

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  1. I love fall and love that today is the first day of fall!! Love your fall pics!! i cant get anyone to carve pumpkins with me.


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