September 27, 2010

lately loves


lately i have loved...

my people at the center- whether my students in class, the sweet babies i get to squeeze after class, or the sweet babies and grandma that we take home... the adventures never end.
speaking of adventures- few times in my life have i pictured myself and neighbor in such a situation that involves taking a sudanese grandmother that speaks ZERO english to her apartment, deciphering mimed gestures requesting a pit stop on the way at the gas station to purchase a can of dip, and throwing a little english lesson in just for good measure. "Dip? D-I-P? Pouches? No probably not pouches...she probably didn't have those in the village... Well, while we're here- this is MAN. This is WOMAN. That is a COOKIE. Door OPEN, Mary--Say Bye-Bye--Door CLOSED. " more than one questioning look was exchanged at the phillips 66 friday night.
10pm tacos and margaritas with vince- i thoroughly enjoyed cooking our very first dinner together that didn't come frozen and in a bag.
speaking of frozen things in bags- dear margarita in a bag, i am glad that i discovered you that one day at kroger. just add alcohol, water, shake the bag, and freeze, you say? you couldn't be any easier. thank you for also tasting so good with those tacos.
amazing blueberry + pecan pancakes on a late saturday morning and homemade pizza on a late saturday night. vincent dear, you've earned +10 domesticity points for cooking 10pm tacos, pizza, and our first pancake breakfast ever with me this weekend. and another +5 for being so quick to get in on the dishes.
being read to, especially when it is Catching Fire. allergy fits/benadryl comas are only worth it when they end in continuing our Hunger Games marathon by being read to.
and lastly, ample snuggles.  they were mucho needed.

a special "thank you" to the cooler weather that seems to have finally rolled around today and should carry over into this week. please don't leave. i've missed you. 

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