September 11, 2010

fill in the blank friday

The strangest thing I've ever eaten is... umm.. peanut butter and tang sandwiches?  really, better than they sound.
I wouldn't be caught dead... in snuggies, muumuus, or mom jeans.

When I am 75 I will.... be somewhere still holding vince's hand, near our kids and grand-kids, and looking back knowing that i've lived a very full life thus far... and then start going on fun trips with my old lady friends and see the world from a new perspective. i think it'd be fun to be the crazy sky divin' granny. 

If I had to be named after a place I would want to be named... hmmmm. Savannah? Brooklyn? ...Narnia? I don't know. I've never been fond of place names. 

My name is... Megan, so I am told, after Megan Hathaway on Days of Our Lives back in the day, who was beautiful but evil (this could very well be a made up story), and Elizabeth, which was my mom's sister's middle name.  I was originally going to be named Jennifer, but when mom was pregnant, she started hearing moms yelling at misbehaving Jennifers everywhere she went, and decided against it. 

My all time favorite photo(s) are... so far-
the first picture of vince and i together when we first started dating- that night we'd been to a haunted house and were on a late walk through campus; an old polaroid of me and dad; a picture of vincent in virginia that gives me butterflies; and one of vince and i when we graduated college. i love that we got to graduate together.

If I could afford it I would... SO have a place of my own right now. I'd plan a long trip. I'd get Lasik and say goodbye to contacts forevverrrr. I'd go back to school. I'd buy vince a new car. So many things.


  1. Hi, just found your blog! Great stuff here!

  2. Lol I wouldn't be caught dead in a Snuggie either.

  3. I love the name Narnia! haha i was totally thinking a fatasy land would kick ass as a name but none came to mind.

  4. melissa- thank you!

    krysten- i KNOW. they're just creepy... mostly because of strange "snuggie dad who demonstrates one's ability to "raise the roof" while wearing said snuggie" in the commercials no thanks. :P

    and ms. panda- what can I say, being named after soap operas just gives us an edge! haha


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