September 28, 2010

two things [i love] tuesday

two things i love [in my room]

my whistling dino-family

holy grainy photo

last fall, i took an Intro to Ceramics class at Vanderbilt as a way to feel useful during semester #1 out of college with no luck at the job search. i really loved this class- the projects were fun, my class friends were super great (like this one), and i really enjoyed having an ounce or two of creative purpose to my week that involved traipsing around the pretty campus (and feeling like I was "in school" at Vanderbilt, if only for an art class :P ), talking for a couple hours, and gettin' my hands dirty. 

that little guy in the front was supposed to be my only dino, but i couldn't help but make more. our second "project" was to learn how to make a pinch pot whistle. yes. those dinosaurs whistle. out their butts, i might add- you blow into their tail! well, 2.5 of them whistle. air just kindof passes through the fat one in the back. we learned it was MUCH HARDER than it looks to make the holes at the right angle.

my swallow from san juan capistrano

in may after vince got hurt in afghanistan, his mom and i flew out to california to be with him and take care of him after surgery. after 3 or 4 days of lying in bed in a pain-pill induced coma, his mom rented a wheel chair and suggested going to see the Mission at  San Juan Capistrano for the day. super pretty place, and i found a couple varieties of decorative swallows at the gift shop that i wanted, but wouldn't let myself spend money on. i pouted for a second, but decided i'd rather have the money. after i flew back home, vince had his mom take him back up to the mission just to go buy me a swallow- and this is the one he picked out.  :) boyfriend is kinda awesome. 

(i also said the whole trip that i wanted to take home a little potted cactus, but decided against holding one on an overnight redeye flight back across the country- he showed me that they also brought me home a tiny little clay cactus as a joke. it sits on the shelf near my bird.)

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  1. Thanks for the linkage :)

    And I still love those dinosaurs, too cute!


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