September 8, 2010

[labor day] weekend loves


i love....
the long labor day weekend.
how happy mom and dad were that Danny made his first trip home since moving off to college.
Shakespeare in the Park with Vince. Last year's "The Complete Works of Shakespeare: The Abridged Version" performed by 3 guys was much funnier, but this year's "Love's Labor's Lost" was cute. I didn't get to see the first half of it because of a squirmy woman with hair the size of my entire viewing area of the stage, but the second half was good. And because it was finally COLD that night...
HOODIE HUGS. hugs are great, but squishy, sweatshirt, snuggle-hugs are 1000 times BETTER.
going for a walk around the neighborhood in the cooler weather, completely crutch-less, beside Vince for the first time in SO LONG.
and lastly,
coming back to the hotel home for a mid-work day hummus lunch date, being thankful that when i catch a cold, i have a boyfriend that is very concerned with finding medicine to fix me, stat, a frozen yogurt date complete with vince's "THEY HAVE IRISH MINT" face, and a late night of soup and reading books together.

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