October 1, 2010

fill in the blank friday

via The Little Things We Do

True happiness is...  love and simplicity.

The most surreal moment of my life was... so far, probably the night vince deployed, seeing him in california on leaves during deployment, or when he super surprised me with my promise ring for christmas disguised as a stuffed penguin wrapped in tissue paper...but that penguin happened to be holding a ring box.  I think I'm still waiting on some truly "surreal" moments... getting engaged, getting married, having babies, etc. 

My favorite texture is... soft. anything soft. doesn't necessarily always have to be soft like the north face jackets that feel like a velvety kitten- the ones that make me stand in stores trying them on and petting myself. but i do like soft. comfy jeans, soft boots, soft shirts and scarves.  you get the picture. 

My signature color is... i wear a LOT of greens and blues. but not just any shade- happy greens and happy blues.

My signature style is... right NOW, casual and kindof schizophrenic. i don't know if i have a signature style yet- i've gotten so out of the habit of dressing well, not having had a job in so long (which thankfully changes in 2 weeks!!). i like comfy things like leggings with skirts/dresses, i like my "teacher clothes" of argyle and sweater sets, and i like hoodies and my OLD checkered vans. i'll have to figure this one out. 

If I could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be...  hmmm. to be practical, i guess Target or the Gap.  I really have no idea. 

My best thing about autumn is... 1) the cooler weather.  2) celebrating meeting my love 4 years ago, and our anniversary. like here, in our love story .  3) how CLEAR and blue the sky gets, and how many stars come out at night now!   4) carving pumpkins together.   5) pretty leaves   6) hoodies!  7) scarves   8) boots. 

happy friday,
happy weekend,
and happy october!

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