October 18, 2010

mini-book card d.i.y.

1) Materials
graph paper
small pictures
file folder
glue stick
pretty paper and/or thin cardstock
(optional) yarn or ribbon
kind words

2) Snips

cut 2 matching rectangles (or whatever shape) of desired size out of the folder, more that 2 if adding more pages.
i also like to keep the tab part sticking out on one layer to add depth.


cover the folder rectangles in coordinating pretty paper.
i chose a fall theme in honor of our fall anniversary.
i've found it is even easier if i glue the folder directly onto the paper where i want it with the paper's pattern, 
for example- the big gold leaf, then cut off the excess. no papers sliding around, tracing, and mis-measuring this way.


add pictures and kind words on the inside.
i find that i really like printing directly from the computer onto small square graph paper
for a cleaner look.

5)finishing touches

to bind the book, i just took a thin strip of contrasting cardstock the same heigh of the card, folded it in half, put glue on the inside of the fold, stuck the 2 pages of the book inside it, and squeezed it together for a while until the glue set. 
binding it this way rather than just gluing the pages together leaves more room to decorate and it opens much easier.

lastly, i like to tie a bright piece of yarn around my cards give them a more finished look.   :)


  1. This is super sweet! What a lovely card!



  2. This is so cute! What a great idea :)


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