October 1, 2010

♥ our story [part 7]

I had to drive back up to my apartment that day and work at Hibbetts until close, so I texted Vince on my drive and asked if he wanted to hang out after work that night (which I'm going to bet probbbbbably surprised him). He had to work until close at Blockbuster that night too, so he said he'd grab some movies for us to pick from and head over later that night to watch one. I was kind of nervous at work and while I straightened up our living room waiting for him to come over. I didn't want things to be awkward or forced anymore, or end up having a silly argument. I had played out in my head how the situation might go- I'd even pictured myself having to sit down on the couch and coach myself through the process of, "Okay... just LOOK at him. REALLY look at him, and see who he is now. Get a grip, Megan. Ok, 1, 2, 3..GO."   Stupid, I know, but the truth.

A couple hours later, he shows up with a knock at the door.  I let him in and from what I remember, I didn't have to force myself to look at him at all. Everything was just so... easy. I'm pretty sure that we watched Henry Poole is Here, and then we just...talked. We finally really talked, just like old friends. We looked at pictures on my computer and watched silly "Joe Gets" videos on Current.com, and caught up so easily, like all of the suck from the last year hadn't even happened. 

The next thing we know, we have talked for hours- and it's 6am again and the sun is rising. (Is it just me, or is this a pattern for BEST NIGHTS EVER?)  This time though, on the red couch in my living room, and a whole lot less romantic. We finally call it a night (day, now) and hug at the door, and I'm struck by how much I had missed his hugs. I think he may have even kissed me on top of the head before walking out the door.   I so loved that night.

A couple weeks go by and we continue to hang out most nights after work- always with him coming to my apartment with an arm-load of movies to watch. Mostly, I really enjoyed finally having a pure and simple friendship with Vince. We didn't get the chance to be friends the first time we met. We were strangers that all of a sudden were boyfriend and girlfriend that hardly knew anything about each other within the span of two weeks. 

I feel like we really got to know each other, for real this time, that December at my apartment watching movies and just  talking. We talked about the "old days", and what happened with us- openly this time, with no hurt feelings. We talked about what happened during the past 16 months, and who we'd turned into since then. We both grew up so much. Him, remarkably so. I was so impressed by the man he'd become... who I'd wished he'd be someday when we fought so angrily a year ago, and I truly enjoyed his company again. 

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