October 1, 2010

♥ our story [part 8]

When we got back in town after Christmas, Vince came over to my apartment for our usual "movie night", but this time was pretty bummed out. That day, he actually broke up with his girlfriend. Apparently his friends had given him a lot of crap about it, but he knew he was making the right move for him. He knew he wasn't satisfied with that relationship, but definitely wasn't ready to get involved with anyone again just yet. And in no way did I want to jump right in and be any kind of rebound, and truthfully- at the time, I really enjoyed our "just friends" relationship. 

I sat on the counter in my kitchen and just hugged him- he was feeling like a jerk and pretty crappy about things, so we just continued on with our newfound routine of sitting on opposite sides of the couch, watching movies, and talking. 

Suddenly, it is January and I'm getting SUPER freaked out about Student Teaching being just around the corner. Vince and I are still hanging out regularly, and slowly growing a lot closer. Sometimes we would have "musical adventures" with my iPod together- lying on our backs, absorbing the quiet between us and the music floating in the air (such as this song) and quietly staring at the ceiling by candle light- and one night he fell asleep at my apartment. I woke him up to change into some of my basketball shorts and told him that it was too late and he was too tired to drive to his apartment across town, so he could just sleep there. 

I've shared a bed with plenty of friends before, so I tell myself "okay...this is nothing weird...", turn to face the wall, and settle in on my edge of the bed to go to sleep. After a moment though, I hear him turn over and quietly move up behind me, and then very carefully drape one arm over me and squeeze me to him before falling asleep. Yet again, I find myself tearing up and thinking to myself, "I didn't realize that I'd missed this so much...and somehow I'd forgotten... this is what "right" feels like. 

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