October 31, 2010

seven things i know sunday

1) I love fall weather.
2) I hardly have any blog or personal time anymore.
3) My job is fun. I'm thankful to have it, and I'll also be thankful when I move up to a real teaching job.
4) I need to lose about 25 pounds in the next 5 days for the Marine Corps Ball next weekend.  *kicks self*
5) I've never been more excited for an election day in my life... because now "election day" means "day off work"   :)
6) I have GOT to get my root-tastic hair "did" before next weekend.
7) I have the best, sweetest, most loving boyfriend in the entire world (and not just because he sends me surprise cards in the mail).

hello, new week.
let's be awesome together.

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