November 26, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday 11.26

Black Friday is... suck. I've never gone out and shopped in the madness, but I used to work retail. Crappiest day of retail life. Particularly when I worked at the Target Starbucks- they had the grand idea of trying to go outside and sell coffee in the cold to the line waiting for the store to open. Bleh. 

Christmas shopping this year will include... I've only bought one item so far- the rest, I have NO idea. I'd like to get it done EARLIER this year though. Doing all the shopping on Christmas Eve last year was NOT a good plan.

Holiday shopping makes me... stressed out. I'm REALLY bad at it.

This year my Christmas list will include... wish things like a DSLR, and practical things like clothes for work. 

Bargain hunter, or full price shopper?... Either. I get what I have to get, and if it is on sale? Even better

The best and worst things about shopping are... I enjoy shopping with Boyfriend most- we play dress up, pretend shop for our pretend future home, and he gives me opinions. The worst things are when I'm either a) not in the mood to shop,  b) can't find ANYTHING that I'm looking for, or  c) BOTH.

 Online shopper or in-person shopper?... Both. Except with clothing that needs to be tried on or something that REALLY needs to looked at before buying it. For other items that I can wait a few days on, though, Amazon is my BFF. 

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  1. I shopped on Christmas Eve last year too! Unfortunately it looks like it'll be a replay this year. I tried so hard to shop beforehand but it just didnt happen. In all reality I have one gift out of the 15 I have to buy...totally not good.

    Stopping by from Laurens blog :)


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