November 28, 2010

love note 11.28

dear boyfriend,  i love you for SO many reasons. most recently, for turkey-ing it up at my Thanksgiving, for coming to visit me over the long weekend, for letting me faux-hawk your hair while we brush our teefs together in the morning (and for keeping it for the majority of the day), for talking me into going to BOTH Targets on the Great Holiday Sheet Search of 2010, for staying in bed to read our book to me (I love when it's your turn), for taking me home with you to visit your fam, and most importantly, for protecting me from the ghosties that scared me at 3am this morning, and for walking me to the bathroom because it really is a long walk to that side of your house when it's dark.

dear holy-amazing sheets of happiness, thank you for bringing me such soft, penguin and polar bear infused joy. I keep sneaking upstairs to crawl into you, then carefully making my bed back so that you're fresh and neat for the next time we meet.

dear tree outside of danny's dorm, thank you for being covered in leaves that were SO YELLOW and SO PRETTY.  I'm glad I took pictures of you when I did because 30 minutes and a few gale force winds later, you were very naked and not quite as happy looking.

dear Mockingjay, and the whole Hunger Games series for that matter, thanks for being SO AWESOME to read to Vince. I'm going to be sad when we finish you.  We will soon be taking suggestions for the next series to read to each other- and the next one has some big shoes to fill.

happy new week

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