November 4, 2010



The Marine Corps Ball is this weekend.
I'm wearing the same dress that I did last year, but we'll be seeing different people this time so I'm okay with it.
I'm not okay with the fact that said dress BARELY zips. I need to make exercise a habit, and SOON.
(My Activia lunches and downing of huge SmartWater bottles just aren't going to cut it. )
Strep throat has circulated amongst the teachers at my school.
Of course I caught it, too.
Um, yesterday.
I enjoyed my first graders today, but SUPER UN-ENJOYED my kindergarteners.
I'm still so thankful to have a job though.... as sick and irritated as it may make me.
Most importantly...
I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday,
that it is also JEANS DAY at work,
and that I get to visit my Vince this weekend. :)

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