November 24, 2010

fill in the blank friday: thanksgiving


My Thanksgiving plans this year will include... getting up super early, driving 3 hours to pick up my brother from college and continue another 20 minutes down the road to my grandmother's house. Hopefully we'll be picking Vince up along the way, too, if he feels better. Spending ample time sitting around and talking, eating, and catching up for a few hours.

My favorite Thanksgiving was...  probably when my youngest cousin brought his new girlfriend. It was the first time we'd had "outsiders" at our Thanksgiving, and also the first time going OUT for Thanksgiving to save Grandma from having to cook (which we regretted), but it was a bonding experience and playing a round of the card game "Spoons" after dinner was a welcome change.

My signature Thanksgiving dish is...  I don't have one yet! I was planning on making a pumpkin cheesecake recipe I found, but thought against it after the doctor said that I have strep again. That is one thing I don't figure would be nice to share with the rest of the family. 

My favorite Thanksgiving food is...  pecan pie. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food. The one time a year that we have it is enough for me. 

Thanksgiving free association!...  turkey, early morning, talking, long car ride, grandma's house, aunt/uncle/cousins, pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, pie, iced tea, football, yearly family photo.

Thanksgiving is... the big transition into the holiday season, for me. I like that we do the same thing every year... the one year we shook things up a bit, the year didn't feel complete. 

I am thankful for... a best friend / boyfriend who is so loving. a job that makes me smile. supportive parents and a fun brother. a grandmother who still bounces back from injuries in time for the holidays. a healthy family. a new friend and a team of such helpful teachers that make my job so much better. sweet kiddos at school that always say hi and reach out to me while passing in the hallways. that there are no deployments in our future, particularly during/immediately after the holidays, and that those who deployed with vince are home just in time for the family season. getting to enjoy the change of pace and truly soak in the holidays this year.

fill in the blank friday via the little things we do

happy thanksgiving!

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