January 1, 2011

2010 Highlights

Noteable Happenings of 2010
* On January 1st, Vince was deployed to California for 5 months of training before being whisked off to spend some luxurious time in Afghanistan. Ps: Suckiest way to start a new year EVER.
* I'm pretty sure I ate 20 pounds of pity cupcakes in one day. I think. Just kidding. Maybe.
* We had some REAL snow days! Danny and I played outside and I may or may not have (may, btw) loosened up behind the wheel of the go cart and learned how to spin pretty ice circles in the street.
* I reaped the benefits of some CRAZY AWESOME BOYFRIEND SKILLS when I was flown out to San Diego for the BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER. And I gots to touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
* Danny turned 18, and on his birthday played his first show with his friends/band El Chivo (also the name of their home brewed beer) as a "Rock n' Relief" show to raise money for Haiti..and they raised $500. Not bad for an 18th birthday.
* Vince came home on leave in March and we met his family out in Virginia to squeeze 50 adventures into a few days.
* Once again, I reaped the benefits of some CRAZY AWESOME BOYFRIEND SKILLS when I was flown out to Palm Springs and whisked off to Huntington Beach for Easter weekend. Oh. And to ride roller coasters in LA. 
* We took a little day trip and I got to kick it with (okay. not with.) my BFF homegirls LC, Lo, and Kristen in Laguna Beach for the day. I thought I was having an out of body experience because I was seeing FOR REALS the places I'd watching on TV since high school, and wondered if the skate shop I stood beside was the one Stephen worked at. Turns out that out of body experience was actually just a small earthquake that we experienced. Also my first.
* I turned 23, and received flowers from afar. :)
* We survived Nashlantis 2010 when the flood came.
* I applied and resume tweaked and applied and job hunted and applied and interviewed and applied trying YET another year to get a job.
* I received and early morning phone call from Vince letting me know he'd be returning from Afghanistan way earlier than planned, as he caught a case of the "fall 12 feet into a dry canal in the darkness of night and severely break your ankle and kindof break your leg"-itis.
* He reaped the benefits of some CRAZY AWESOME GIRLFRIEND SKILLS when I flew out to the charming town of Vista, CA to play Nurse Megan for a week after the surgery to put his ankle back together.
* We stuck him in a wheel chair and visited the Mission at San Juan Capistrano one day after the sleepy drugs wore off.
* I spent alot of time over the summer and beginning of the fall visiting Vince at his hotel homes he gets paid to live at while he's on active duty while he heals.
* Shauna and I took a trip to Daytona Beach, FL and a small road trip while we were there to St. Augustine.
* My fam took a trip to the beach at Hilton Head Island, SC.
* Vince and I had a date at the roller derby and then took a road trip to the Cumberland Gap and stood in TN, KY, and VA all at the same time
* Danny moved off to his first year of college
* After sooo many stressful months, I was finally offered a job and have successfully entered the world of being gainfully employed
* Vince decided I was a good enough date and took me to the Marine Corps Ball for a second time
* I took Vincent as my first ever guest to our family Thanksgiving. It was delightful. We both had strep.
* And as of this evening, my family + vince + danny's friend played Cranium and Mad Gabs until watching the ball drop on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve. 
**Most importantly- Vince does NOT deploy tomorrow, which makes this New Years Eve SOOO MUCH BETTER. 

Trips of 2010

 San Diego, CA
 Huntington Beach, CA
 Laguna Beach, CA
 Vista, CA
 San Juan Capistrano, CA
 Daytona Beach, FL
St. Augustine, FL
Hilton Head, SC
 Savannah, GA
 Cumberland Gap, KY/TN/VA

Music of 2010
 Regina Spektor- Far
 Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
 Dave Matthews. Always Dave Matthews.
 Lovedrug- Pretend You're Alive
 The Black Keys- Brothers
 The Middle East- The Recordings of the Middle East
 The Temper Trap
 ....and of course, El Chivo.

Favorite Craft Projects

A pocket penguin for Vince to take overseas + mini-book Valentines Card
Painted flower pots for Mother's Day
Colorful Cupcakes
File Folder mini-book
owl tray
Movies of 2010
 The Other Guys
 Love and Other Drugs
 Toy Story 3
 Harry Potter
 Leap Year
 Due Date (though rather let down by the movie, we looked forward to it for TOO LONG to leave off the list.)
 Valentines Day (which was seen on Valentines Day in San Diego..which may be why I like it.)
 Shutter Island
 Inception. Inception. INCEPTION.

 The Hunger Games series, favorite, hands down. I read them once, then I read them to Vince, and now we are lost because we don't know what to read.
 Eat, Pray, Love. Better as a book than a movie. Like, thousandfold better.
 The Opposite of Me : Sarah Pekkanen
 The Last Song : Nicolas Sparks
 The Pact : Jodi Picoult
 Teacher Man: A Memoir  (Frank McCourt)
 Looking for Alaska : John Green
 Educating Esme : Esme Raji Codell

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