December 11, 2010

fill in the blank friday on a saturday

1.   I wish... that it would SNOW or at least FREEZE tomorrow night so that I would have a paid snow day off of school Monday!! 

2.  Yesterday  I... got to wake up next to boyfriend, worked at school giving the last 4th grade benchmark test, got to come home to boyfriend and napped for a while, drove us to have dinner with  boyfriend's best friend, enjoyed chick-fil-a peppermint milkshakes and  talked on the way home, then got in bed to read our book together.

3.  Today I will... shower soon- I feel like I smell like the quiche we just baked. We have a date to make Christmas cookies together today, I need to go by Jo Ann's for some more crafty supplies, and we might get back in bed and read some more of our book if it starts to rain like it's supposed to. 

4.  Tomorrow I will... hang out with vince until he has to leave, then begin choreographing my snow dance, and maybe even complete these rituals

5.  Maybe... Vince and I might go to Opryland to see the Christmas lights tonight. But maybe not..we've talked about it and I've always wanted to... but I just don't know if it's worth the hassle.  Maybe instead we'll get in bed with a good movie. 

6.  Someday... I will have a place of my own to decorate for holidays, or better yet, a place with boyfriend :)

7.  I love... lazy weekends that don't leave me feeling like "I haven't accomplished ANYTHING today." I also happen to love flannel sheets, hot chocolate, and Christmasy movies such as Love Actually, The Holiday, and The Family Stone.  I'm thinking I need to incorporate these things in my life verrrrryyyy soonnn.


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