December 29, 2010

i love christmas

things i loved about this christmas:

1) IT SNOWED!  Seriously, our first white Christmas in years. and years. and YEARS. 

2) Our tree.  I took far too many pictures of it.

3) Gifts from Santa that I'm SO excited about!

I'm proud to own a fancy grown up camera now! I'm pumped about learning my way around it.
YES. So far I've figured enough of it out that I sewed some test bits out of an old sheet.
Also pumped about my functional and pretty wallet :)  Not pumped about the fact that mom and Vincent may have had a "falling out" among Santas over this wallet...seeing as how they both bought the same one for me..... well as these slipper boots. =/  I <3 them, though.
I also bought myself a christmas present from SusannahBean, and I have fallen in accessory-love with it.  And may or may not wear it every time I leave the house. And maybe when I sleep. Just kidding. I think. 

In review: Christmas 2010 = awesome.  (minus the whole stomach bug thing, that is.)



  1. such a gorgeous tree! seems like you had a wonderful christmas. xo!

  2. I believe an accessory-love-bug has been going around this christmas, I feel the same way about a few of my christmas gifts!
    and I would definitely fall in love with that hairband if I were to own it!


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