January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

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Its so refreshing to be able to go into this new year without feeling like I just need to make it through it as fast as I possibly can. Last year was super emotional, and I had awful tunnel vision- all I could see ahead of me was worrying about Vince overseas, trying to squeeze months worth of memories into a few days when I did see him, and a whole lot of unemployment to fill the time in between. Thrilling, yes?

This year I plan to slow down, yet be more productive. Regain my sense of "me". I chose to put myself on hold for a year and a half, and I feel like I got swept up and lost a bit of myself through doing that. This year, I don't want to rush things or try to force anything into a mold of what I think SHOULD be happening. Let the memory making come as it may, all on its own. As for the latter- I want to utilize my down time in a better way this year. I plan to put my camera and new sewing machine to good use this year and try some new things with sewing and photography (bet you didn't see that coming)-- both of these activities have always interested me, neither of which have I really devoted time to. I plan to get outside more. I want to be more active, and with a purpose- and cultivate my lifestyle into a healthful one that can continue to grow over time.

And now, on to "the list". I'm a list maker. I love lists. I'm really bad at upholding my end of the bargain when it comes to lists, though. I can write an awesome list.... but then not ever check a single thing off of it.  This year I plan to be better at that.  ...Add that to the list.  (ha.)

Vince and I read over our goals list from last year- we didn't accomplish a SINGLE thing. Granted, most of that list was made when emotions were running high and we made more of a "wish list" of 27 things that sounded good at the time, but I'm pretty sure it was just because we COULDN'T do them because he was deploying the next day. You know...like when you're picking something to eat, and you're narrowing down the list of options- the first thing you cross off the list is Chick-fil-a because you really don't want chicken today. Then you realize it's Sunday-- and they're closed, so you couldn't have had them anyway. And then you start thinking "...Maybe I did want chicken?! That sounds kind of great now that I think about it... and AWESOME-- They're CLOSED. Now this is all I'm going to think about, and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it until tomorrow when they AREN'T closed so that I can have CHICKEN!" .....And then tomorrow rolls around, and you're like "Pssh, I really don't even want chicken. What was I thinking."  I'm pretty sure that's what happened when freaking karaoke and pet shopping made the list. All I can say now is, "Uh...What?"

I'm learning that with goals, the rumors are true: they really DO need to be measurable, realistic, obtainable goals. This year we took a much more realistic approach to our list-making, and kept it much shorter and MUCH more do-able.

1. Find a new book series to read to each other
2. Take one trip together in 2011 that involves a plane
3. Go to a new theme park and ride the scariest roller coasters
4. Hike 10 miles. Anything more than that is just a bonus.
5. Participate in a "couples retreat" (aka a weekend trip with another couple)
6. Save together toward a $2,000 "cushion" or "nest egg" - $1,000 each
7. Go on 1 camping trip
8. Go on more walks together
9. Take a road trip of any length to anywhere new
10. Take a small weekend "getaway" trip-- complete with games and a date night.

1. Complete a photo Project 365
2. Complete a "Wreck This Journal"
3. Complete one entry per day in my 5 Year Journal
4. Walk 200 miles in 2011  (maybe some day RUN some of them. or bike. or anything that requires moving, really.)
5. Make a conscious effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.
6. Sew (at least) one item that I'm really proud of.
7. Make a conscious effort to be better at being a friend- such as initiating and keeping up with plans.
8. Take one day, plan, and go on a date with myself. 
9. Open and use a savings account. Save $3,000 (more if I get a better paying position before the end of the year)
10. Read 10 books, just because. 

I love a fresh start.


  1. Do you remember the very short list we made when we lived together? We put it up on the fridge. I'm pretty sure I kept everyone of those resolutions, so this year Cody and I are trying it.


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