January 6, 2011

Boyfriend's 25th B i r t h d a y


I accomplished a long standing goal.
Vince had never had anyone sing Happy Birthday to him at a restaurant before.
....before last night.

We went to Shogun, ate sushi and drank White Russians
(which was an obvious pairing, of course)
ate food from the grill,
and made plenty of table friends. 
and then I made a point of loudly saying
to which Vince responds with, "SHH! ShutupShutUPPPP-SHHH!"
....the woman across the table said "OH! Its your BIRTHDAY?!"
Why yes. Yes, it is.
She leads the whole table in a round of singing Happy Birthday.
...and then kindly informs our waiter as he refills our drinks that it is, in fact, Vince's Birthday.
Ten minutes later, he returns with a handful of coworkers, drum in hand, and calls the attention of the entire room and asks us to clap along as he sings (and drums) a Japanese Birthday song.
Vince loved this, obviously.
I actually loved it.

Afterwards, we went driving through ritzy neighborhoods gawking and discussing what it would be like to live in a house the size of a super wal-mart.

Then we went to REI and caught the "must get outdoors NOW" bug
and drooled over tents, backpacks, and new Vibrams.

Finally, we went home and mom had gotten a little icebox cheesecake to put a candle in and sing to Vince one last time. 
We had a great night.  
Songs, drums, and all. :)


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