January 24, 2011

dear monday : 1.24.11

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Dear Monday,
    Grant me the wisdom to plan effective lessons, the creativity to make those lessons fun, the energy to exercise and sweat buckets every day this week and not pass out in zumba, the will-power to spit the oreos and otherwise unhealthy foods out, and the patience to keep things cool till I see boyfriend again. Amen. Or...something. 

Dear Weekend,
    I'm glad you're over. I guess I got some stuff done that I needed to get done, but you really weren't all that I thought you were cracked up to be. Your moodiness wasn't so hot. Let's give this a better go at things in oh, I dunno, 5 days? 

Dear Winter, 
    Go away. You were nice when you were pretty, and for my 8 paid days off of work. I only have one snow day left, and let's face it. I'm just not that attracted to you anymore. Your prettiness and charm wore off, and what's left of you leaves me feeling blah. 

Dear Spring,
     I'm sorry that I cheated on you with Summer. And Fall. And yes, even Winter. I always forget that you're my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR when another new and exciting season rolls around. Forgive me?  I want your sunshine. And warm ability to make me wear less poofy jackets. And I want to go for walks with you. All. The. Time. Miss you.  xoxo. 

some awkward tidbits of the past week:
- Having a dream in which I discover that Vince has been cheating on me with Ashley from Greek (at something prom-like, at Opryland Hotel, no less), and proceeding to wake up, jab him in the back, and announce that "we need to talk."
- Asking "How are you doing?" to the fabric cutting lady at Hobby Lobby, only for her to continue picking at her scissors, stand there for what felt like a day and a half, then say, "...is this all?"
- Viewing 98% of Black Swan. Vince and I had such high hopes, but what we got was NOT what we were expecting. That whole movie was basically just one uncomfortable experience after another.
- Trying to convince a student that his sweet teacher does not, in fact, have a "mean heart" just because he had to move a rule card one day. 
- Realizing that the tripod that I bought on Amazon for my camera only comes up to my belly button, which would make for rather awkward self portraits. Sorry buddy, you're going back. 
- Having our nurse at work weigh me in for the first week of our Biggest Loser competition... doubly awkward getting on the scale which was laying beside the table which was currently holding a sick student, lying there, watching me. Kid-judging me.

some awesome tidbits of the past week:
- A night spent wrapped up on the couch catching up on Off the Map, Modern Family, and yes, Jersey Shore. Two words. Free Snooki.
- Being no less than amazed every time that I dump the last half of my bottle of water onto my withered plant, walk out of the room, and 10 minutes later, dying plant has already perked up and is showing signs of being revived again. 
- Meeting my new group of adult students. I'd been dreading going back and have been considering giving up on volunteering to teach there, but they've all sucked me right back in. Such sweet, sweet people. 
- Having Friday off work and getting my laundry done and tackling the beginning stages of the great room reorganizing of 2011. operation:closet 2010 needs to happen again, fo sho.
- The feeling after walking a couple miles on the treadmill. I really must make this habit stick. I can't WAIT to be able to take walks outside this Spring, though. 
- Having a newly de-cluttered and prettified bedside table. 

awkward and awesome
by The Day book


  1. I think it's so hilarious when people get mad for things their S.O.s do in a dream. NEVER happened to me. :) P.S. Your love story is super duper cute!

  2. you are adorable! love your awesome and awkwards... also love your love story.



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