January 31, 2011

dear monday : 1.31.11

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Dear Monday,  Today I choose to think of you positively. You get a bad rap, being the thing that brings lazy weekends to a close. But this week, I choose something different. You are the beginning of what could be an amazing week, as any other week has the potential to be.  This week I choose patience, which I hope leads to more harmonious reading and math groups.  This week I choose endurance, as I work out this week, continue eating how I should, and as I complete 1/20th of my walking goal.   This week I choose to try and get a leg up on lesson planning, because just being able to grab materials and go is so much more refreshing than frantically pulling things together when I'm supposed to be teaching already. And lastly, this week I choose time management, so that I can accomplish all that I want to accomplish, and still have a little extra time for me.  I choose to face this week head on.

Dear Beautiful Warm Weather, I so enjoyed you this weekend. Crossing miles off my list while walking with you at the park felt SO GOOD. Short sleeves? In January? In Tennessee? So rare, but so NICE. Please tell the weather people you're just kidding about going away on Wednesday to let the snow come back. 

Dear Boyfriend,  Thank you for coming to see me this weekend, for walking circles around the park trail with me in the warm sun, for Which Wich and California Pizza Kitchen lunch dates, and for going on adventures with me. All were thoroughly enjoyed. 

happy monday

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