January 10, 2011


dear monday, i'm kind of kicking your butt. healthy breakfast? check. walk a mile? check. tackle the fruit that one needs serious skills to consume? check. it's not even noon, my friend. the only thing i haven't done yet is shower. and who says that's even required, huh?  okay. i do. but give me about 15 minutes, and i can add THAT to the list too. bam.

dear grapefruit,  why are you so messy and sometimes harmful to my eyeballs to eat? maybe i haven't learned how to work you, yet. 

dear canon t1i, why are you so exciting to own / use that i find myself taking pictures of odd things just so that i can use you, and then marvel at your awesomeness? exhibit A... grapefruit?

Some awkward tidbits of the day:
- cottage cheese. really in any way that that can be interpreted, but currently: strangest food ever.
- that mile i walked? was definitely done stomping, kicking, side-stepping, and flailing around in place in front of the TV to good ol Leslie Sansone. did i also definitely manage to work up a sweat? affirmative.  does that make me feel kind of suck about the state of the shape i'm OUT of right now? why yes, yes it does.
- grapefuit explosions on my desk, shirt, and face. mmhm.
- learning my way around my camera by taking pictures of fruit. or water bottles. or carpet. 
- the state of emergency that is my bedroom right now. must. clean. today. 
- not so much awkward, but i feel bad that the snow is messing up vince's plans to move into his new apartment today. and probably tomorrow.  :(

Some awesome tidbits of the day:
- sticking to a healthier frame of mind today. tiny victories. 
- the fact that it actually felt GOOD to sweat a little today, and not like satan creeping down my forehead. usually a motivating factor in repeating physical activity. 
- having extra time to do things that need to be done. like laundry. 
- Four words: Real. Housewives. of. Atlanta.  Seven more words: "Tha riiiing di'n't meeaann a thaaaannng. Whoa-a-OH-a-OH-aOHHhhhhh."

- and the MOST AWESOME part of today?  Getting paid to stay home. I'm glad that I've been able to bring the excitement of getting snow days out of school into my adult life. They're just that much sweeter when a growing paycheck is involved. 

awkward and awesome
by The Daybook


  1. Cute blog! This post cracked me up. Especially your note to the grapefruit! Here's to the tiny victories and a healthier frame of mind :-)

  2. I follow you!! your blog its pretty!! look my blog:)


  3. hahah I loveee the daybook! I just did the list thing too. and fyi I'm 100% jealous of your new camera. sooo lucky

  4. I just love your blog! :)I've been a follower for a while now but a first time commenter. PS Cottage cheese is SO awkward!



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