January 23, 2011

fake tea lights are u g l y

...until now.

How to de-ugly fake plastic tea lights:

Need:  Fabric, Glue Stick, Scissors, Ugly plastic tea lights, marker
1: Use marker to trace around tea light on back of fabric
2: Cut out, and also cut strip to wrap around tea light, approximately 3 inches long.
3: Cut out circle
4: Fold circle in Half
5: Fold circle in half again
6: Snip off the very end of the corner tip
7: Unfold circle and slip over the fake flame onto the top of the tea light
8: Use glue stick to glue circle onto tea light
9: Wrap 3" strip around tea light, and apply glue along the way. No need to be terribly precise.
10: Snip off extra fabric from bottom around edge of the tea light (and top, too if needed)
11: Display proudly. 

I discovered the fabric tea lights today while re-doing my bedside table.
While I was at it, I made this.


  1. such a fun {and doable!} project! thanks for sharing :) xoxo {av}


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