January 7, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday: Winter vs. Summer

Winter is... a time I really only look forward to for the snow days, boots, and fun layers of warm clothing. Oh- and hot chocolate. Definitely hot chocolate. 

Summer is... warm, sunny, and extra special for teachers because of the time off work, which is so definitely a perk. 

If it were summer instead of winter right now I'd... be planning adventures, definitely a hiking/camping trip, planning for Vince to come visit and get in the pool with me, enjoying long days off of work (actually, I need to pick up a second job for the summer so I can continue to get a paycheck, but I refuse to think of that right now), and sitting outside with a book.

My favorite thing to do in winter is... cozy it up with leggings with chunky socks, curl up with a blanket, hang out with boyfriend and hulu tv shows or watch movies and drink hot chocolate, and do something crafty. I get super motivated to make things when it's cold out.

My favorite thing to do in summer is... get in touch with my 17 year old side and float around the pool and read magazines. I really love to get outdoors, too and REALLY hope to this year since we couldn't last summer. 

The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is... flip flops, flowy skirt, and a v-neck.

The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is... at home, leggings, chunky socks or slipper boots, comfy shirt, and a blanket.  Out of the house, jeggings, chunky socks, boots, long sleeve shirt, scarf, and Northface. 

I'm SO excited that it's finally Friday,
and REALLY HOPING for the snow day that's predicted for Monday!

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