January 17, 2011

how many trips to wal-mart does it take...

... to get a boyfriend all settled and moved into his new apartment?

Ok. That may be an exaggeration. ..But it felt like it. 
In all reality, I think we actually went more like, 6 or 7 times, but that's 6 or 7 trips too many for a span of 3 days. 
i hate wal-mart.

I'm pretty sure Vince's apartment looks much better now, though.  Friday night, the only two places to stand without climbing over towers of junk were behind the front door, or where I was barricaded in the corner by the sink so I could wash everything and organize the cabinets. 

Now it's quite liveable. There are still plenty of things left to do before it's completely done (like getting boxes of my stuff out of random corners of every room), but it's pretty decent as it is. 

This weekend was non-stop cleaning and organizing, but I'm excited about how excited Vince is to have his very own, roommate free apartment. 

In other news, Tennessee will be hitting the ground running tomorrow after an impromtu 10 day vacation because of the snow and holiday weekend. I'm less than jazzed about re-learning what it's like to wake up in the hour of 5am tomorrow to go back to work. I can't say I didn't enjoy getting paid to be sleep in, make things, and be lazy all week. Teaching + paid snow days = PERK.

hello, new week.
let's be awesome together, okay?

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