January 3, 2011

monday monday

Things to look forward to: 

Vincent turns 25 on the 5th.
The Bachelor AND Greek both start tonight.
School starts back up, so I'll be heading back to work.  Actually I'm really not looking forward to that yet- nor the whole getting up early every day thing, either... but I guess I am looking forward to being back in a routine and out of the house some. 
Zumba.  Free and right after school, and honestly I'm not terribly motivated to get moving and sweat on my own, so this helps. 
 We aren't planning to celebrate it, but this month Vince and I have officially been together for 2 years straight (though we count it as 4)
 A day off of work on the 17th. Yes, I'm already planning toward a day off.
 Vince will be moving into an apartment an hour an a half closer to me to start back to school in less than 2 weeks-  big changes are ahead. We'll be moving my stuff from my old apartment that's been sitting in storage for almost 2 years into his apartment so he can use/babysit my things until I get a place of my own. It'll also be different getting readjusted to him being a student again and not on active duty (living in a hotel 2.5 hours and a time change away), and I so welcome those changes. 


  1. oh wow, lots of things going on! congrats on 2 years straight!

  2. what an exciting start to the new year!


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