January 5, 2011

[Wreck This] Wednesday

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In keeping with #2 on my list of Goals for 2011, I'm going to start posting on Wednesdays about my journey through this journal that I'm basically going to demolish. 

Task 1: Crack the spine

this was painful for me. i'm that person who takes the decorative cover off of hardbacks so that it doesn't get wrinkled, and reads paperbacks at very odd angles so that i DON'T crack the spine. in fact, if when i put a book down after i've been reading, and none of the pages stand up a little bit, and it looks like the book's never been opened? my job is complete. after the initial "ouch" of opening this journal all the way, it was actually kindof...soothing. i may or may not have (may) folded and unfolded the spine a few times, opening up to different parts of the book so there would be MORE cracks. 

i'm pretty sure that this will be a growth experience for me. 

Task Two: Hole Poking


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