February 10, 2011


What I see: 

More of this snow crap.

What I want to see instead:

Sunny, 70 degree weather.... 

...or a beach...while wearing flip flops and a sleeveless shirt...  

...or Sunny, 70 degree weather from a rooftop in San Deigo (and visiting the beach the next day)...

I was experiencing this exact thing one year ago this weekend.
I. Miss. It.


  1. That's a lotta snow!! I wish a dusting of it would come our way!

  2. I would gladly let you take ALL OF IT. If you find yourself in Tennessee with an exceptionally large shovel, let me know. :)

  3. wahhhh!! i totally agree with you!! i am soo sick of this snow!! the sunny 70 degree weather needs to come ASAP!!!

  4. Well, warm weather or not, you guys make an adorable couple! That's such a nice photo

  5. i'm so sick of "snow crap" too. we've had like almost 5 feet here. :/


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