February 7, 2011

Dear Monday: 2.7.11

I think I'm still coming off of the hype from the weekend, and am so so glad that I have Thursday off of work. My hair desperately needs that day for trimming and highlighty fun. I don't know if the moon has shifted, or what, but the kids that I work with have gone cuh-razy and my patience has been luh-ow. I'm planning a day-date with myself at the end of the week.

Dear Monday,  You left much to be desired today, but I won't hold it against you. After all. It is almost Tuesday. 

Dear Raisin Bran for Lunch, You've been my healthy lunch alternative for the past 2 weeks that has let me cut corners on my calories when I over eat on more fun things. Like. Uh. Pizza. Pretty please don't let me down this week... I'd rather not have to pay for my poundage at weigh-in.

Dear Sexy Boy in the Blue Sweater,  Thank you for being my date this weekend, even though I know you REALLY didn't want to at first. I loved every minute of being out with you, and I find you to be super fun. Especially when you let me dance around/near you, and you spin me on your finger like a princess. Also, I feel so very comfortably domestic when riding beside you as you drive me home in my Rav4. I. Love. It. 

Some awkward tidbits from the past week:
-I'm fairly certain that I've caught the plague that has been going around my school. I've been pounding orange juice, water, vitamin c, and sinus pills, and have given myself the day off from working out. (Actually..I haven't worked out since Thursday? But who's counting.) 
-A 1st grade student invited me to their house for meat loaf last week. I'm still debating as to how one should respond to such a question. Especially when asked in this way: "Would you like to come to my house... for some meat loaf? Do you even like meat loaf? If you say yes, then you can come. If you say no, well, then that's okay too." 
-The number of calories I've consumed in the past week. Between an early V-Day gift of candy from a co-worker, unhealthy weekend foods, and way too many carb-loaded party beverages, to the AMAZING buffalo chicken dip I consumed at work, brought by another co-worker. Elementary schools are a breeding ground for extra calories and belly fat.
- The gross feelings that come with arguments.
- Notifying the powers that be that I will not be teaching my adult ESL class anymore. Too many factors have completely sucked the joy out of it, and I don't feel like I'm making a difference for anyone anymore. 
- My dance moves. 'Nuff said.

Some awesome tidbits from the past week:
- Being invited to a student's house for meat loaf?! I'm SO GLAD Kelli was in the classroom to witness it. 
- Losing another 2-3 pounds for Biggest Loser at work. (Though I'm pretty positive that they're all back, and then some.)
- Having a hot date for a co-worker's 30th birthday party this weekend. It made me feel all couple-y, going to a party together.  We obviously don't get out much. Having someone to keep finding to talk to, be on a game team with, kind of dance/flail around with, and then safely drive me home...total added bonus. 
- The up side to not teaching my ESL class- I'm going to focus my attention on some one-on-one tutoring with a 70 year old Ethiopian woman who was in my class that I just LOVE, and hardly speaks any English at all-- I'm excited to be able to direct all my teaching toward her.
- A lazy Sunday date to REI to figure out my exact Vibram size, then hitting Which Wich on the way home. And really, their green tea is half the reason that we stop there.  Holy goodness. 
- Snuggling and watching Frequency instead of the whole first half of the Super Bowl?  Love it.

Happy new week.
How's your Monday been?


  1. That sounds simply lovely. Mondays have gotten better as of late, school brings good things this semester and mondays bring school, so voila!

  2. Working around kids is haaaaard.... so worth it but sometimes you just want to run out the door screaming haha.

  3. i love cereal for lunch...and dinner.

    xo monica

  4. K- Yay good mondays!
    Jamie- Don't think I haven't considered it. Haha :)
    Monica- Cereal is just good ALL the time!

  5. I forgot to mention.... I passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you! Check my blog out for the rules if you want to play along!


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