February 23, 2011

the super belated valentines weekend post.

I made Vince make a pact with me this year that we wouldn't do gifts or anything for Valentine's Day, so instead we opted to just spend the weekend together watching movies, visiting the park, and cooking dinner at home.

On Friday
I got to leave for the weekend a day early since we had a snow day. We had a lazy afternoon laying around watching the Valentines episodes of Modern Family and Outsourced, then took the slow drive out into the country to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine and some margarita makings, came home and made quesadillas, watched Never Let Me Go.... and then made margaritas and watched Tangled to recover from the depressing movie. 

On Saturday (Date Night)
We got up, made a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and berries, finished watching Tangled and took a late-morning nap.  Later, we went to our park to walk around the little lake and sat on a bench by the water and basked in the sunshine for a bit. On our way home, we picked up makings for dinner, watched Valentine's Day (which was just as good the second time around, but not quite as good as watching it on Valentine's Day in San Diego last year), then made spaghetti together, had a glass of wine, and enjoyed a romantic, candle-lit, card table Valentine's dinner. We also watched Blue Valentine...which also turned out to be incredibly depressing (which was obviously not QUITE the vibe we were going for), and then again decided that depressing grown up movies should obviously be countered by watching non-depressing children's movies...so we turned Shrek Forever After on and fell asleep. 

Romance is really only a card table, a house plant, and two bathroom candles away. 

And then we had a lazy Sunday eating Frozen Yogurt for lunch and visiting the animals at Petco just because. 

Depressing movies aside, it was a good weekend.   :)

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