February 23, 2011

when the hot water hose in your laundry room explodes overnight

...fun things happen. 

All the furniture is ruined, the rest of the carpet will have to go, and my iPod is sitting in a bag of rice right now because it was on top of the chair that got direct spray-age for hours, but good news-- the transformers, battleship game, and RAD the Robot seem to be okay. 

I woke up this morning irritated that I had no hot water for a shower and came down to holler at whoever's fault it was...and found dad sopping wet standing in the middle of the wet, squishy room and immediately felt bad. Especially since mom JUST spent a whole day steaming the carpet for me so I could get on the treadmill or let the Wii Fit talk down to me without keeling over from an allergy attack.  :(  :(  x 10. 

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  1. OOOH NOOO I'm sorry that does not look like fun! A good excuse to redecorate I suppose!


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