March 24, 2011


This weekend was darn near perfect.  I left early Friday in time to pick Vince up after he got home from class, and we made a pit stop at Wal-Mart for our campfire food essentials. After a search for individually packaged bowls of cereal, hitting Taco Hell, and witnessing a bed cover fly off of a truck being towed down the highway and smashing through the car in front of us's windshield, we were on our way. (Except for that time that we were about 30 miles down the road and I realized I'd forgotten to purchase a toothbrush, or toothpaste, or face wash, and we had to turn around and hit the last Wal-Mart on our way out of town.) 

After about 9 laps (seriously) of the campsites, we picked a really good one and set up our little tent. This proved to be MUCH easier than I was expecting. We ended up going on a short walk and sitting by a waterfall for a little while, then came back to let Vincent impress me with his Boy Scout fire making skills. He got it on the first try, by the way. Except I was pretty sure he was going to end up like this guy at one point. 

I busied myself playing with pine cones and taking pictures of the trees. The better option, obviously.

 We spent the rest of our evening sitting by the fire, burning the crap out of hotdogs, laying in the tent reading, and staying up late making s'mores.  Pretty perfect.

The next day, we let ourselves lay around snuggled under the sleeping bags for a couple hours before eating breakfast and tearing down our tent. 

I'm totally convinced it's my mushed hair and cereal coated tongue that really lured Vince in and made him want to keep sticking around.

We ended up hiking an easy 4 mile loop trail, and it was sooo nice. The weather was perfect, and we made a couple overlook stop-offs and got to go back to the little "perch" we like so much and hang out for a while without being rushed this time by an approaching tornado. Literally. 

He finally got to hike in his Vibrams and loved every bit of it.
Especially crossing the creek in them.
Especially having to stand in the freezing creek for an extra minute while holding my hand so that I could take extra precautions to make sure my bare toesies didn't slip off the slimy rocks on my way across. 
Loudly thanking me for making him stand in the water for "an EXTRA LONG TIME" was just for giggles.  I'm sure of it.

But for real, he really did love hiking in them, which makes me want these shoes even more. He says it made him feel all "one with the earth"-y.   I like.

Considering making a leap for the stream below, I suppose. 

On the last leg of our hike, we saw a tree that looked like a face with a big nose, and Vince noticed it looked like it had a tongue sticking out...and we made a friend. 

After our hike we were pretty much tired and hungry enough to just head on back home. Next time I'd like to go for much longer of a trip.  I did make one realization...  this trip to Fall Creek Falls looked much more pleasant in photos than the last one. 

June 2009. Tomato Face. 10 gallons of sweat, visibly beading down my face. 800 degree heat. Clumpy hair. Pouring rain.

March 2011. Wintry ghost-face, but un-tomato-y nonetheless. Partly Cloudy, 75 degree weather. Sweatless, un-clumped hair. 

Yep.  It was a good weekend, indeed.  


  1. I have some Five Finger Sprints, and I love them!!! They will put a blister on your feet if you wear them too long too soon, but once you break them in, FABULOUS! I wear them walking, bike riding, whatever. And it really does make you feel one with the earth-y =) I am glad your trip went well, sounds like so much fun!

  2. Girl I'm jealous! First of all because I don't know how you get your hair to look that good camping. Second, I haven't had a day go past that I don't wish I was camping. There's still just so much snow here!

  3. As for my hair, 70 degree weather with no humidity, and this amazing goo: ! And boo on snow! Hope the sun comes out SOON!

    Kayla- he's had his vibrams since last summer because he read that they'd help strengthen his ankle back into working order, and I've wanted them ever since. He just got released last week from PT and is allowed to run again, and he's really liked getting to build up running in them.


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