March 15, 2011

dear monday: 3/14

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     Holy cay-rap it's been forever.  Things have been so busy, and honestly, I haven't felt like I've done anything worth writing about or taking pictures of lately. I focused much of my attention the past few weeks on a final push before Spring Break at work, and hallelujah, it is finally here.  Time off couldn't have come at a better point... I was getting antsy, the kids had gone crazy, and I felt pretty frustrated at not being able to accomplish anything.  But!  Now I am 3 days into a 16 day break and it's so nice.  

      This weekend Danny came home for his Spring Break from college, Vince came to visit, I went with him to a wedding on Saturday, and on Sunday the whole family piled in the car to go to Genghis Grill for lunch and do a power-shopping session looking at couches for the soon to be completed newly remodeled playroom.  

      I'm giving myself today and tomorrow to be slow around the house... it's cloudy and rainy outside, and I need to catch up on laundry and have hopes of reorganizing and simplifying my drawers/closet before Wednesday when the sun is supposed to come out. I want to get outside.  I'm hoping to do some hiking somewhere this weekend, but those plans are still in the works. 

      I'm finding that I've kindof forgotten what to do with myself on days that I don't go to work... I can only think of boring chores that need to be done, or find myself sitting in front of the computer looking up the latest Jersey Shore episode, and realize how much time I'm wasting.  I need to think up some ideas for some one-on-one dates with myself. 

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