March 28, 2011

dear monday 3.28

dear monday, please don't suck. the first day back from spring break is always less than a fun time, but it'd be nice if today was pretty okay, as far as first days back at work go.

dear week,  i hope i muster up the courage to tackle you head on, and do so with a smile. 

dear boyfriend,  do you know how... a) much i loved getting to go on a camping adventure with you, b) lucky i felt for you to let me hang out at your place all week even though you had lots of studying to do, or c) proud i am that you kicked those interviews in the pants and got yourself a job?   answer(s): a WHOLE HECK of a LOT.

dear surprise lunch date, i think i would like to make a habit of very randomly running into friends at random subway's-in-gas-stations.  made for an accidentally pleasant afternoon.

and for some extra motivational inspiration for the day:

happy monday

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