April 4, 2011

dear monday 4.4


Dear Monday,  you've been a doozy, but you've also been the beginning to a week that I can only hope is a week of healing and positive things.

Dear shoulder tension,  I feel like I need the hooves of 1,000 horses galloping into you and your knots.  I'm paying the price for five days with my shoulders tensed up around my ears. Where's the community massage chair at work when ya need it?

Dear hour in the hall today fanning sweaty children, I feel like this school year couldn't possibly be jam-packed with more unexpected events.  That time the school kitchen caught on fire, and we had to herd Kindergarteners (some barefoot) outside during their nap time? Totally didn't see that coming.  The day the bathroom in the 2nd/3rd grade hallway exploded overnight and flooded that wing of the school for a few hours? Yeah, that was weird.  Tornado that just happens to come through at 2:05 on the dot, which happens to be the SAME TIME as dismissal? Officially added to the list.  1st/2nd grade hallway + over 150 children taking cover on hands and knees for WAY too long + parents (and their dogs?) coming in from the car rider line to hide + teachers also having to squeeze in and take cover for a while + power outage + closed doors = being packed like sardines in an 85 degree dark hallway for an hour after school using clipboards to fan our rosy-cheeked kiddos as they stand on their heads for an hour waiting for an "all clear". Precious kids took it much better than I expected!

Dear girls weekend trip,  you were exactly what I needed in the midst of such a sad time.  It was exciting to shower a friend with honeymoon-appropriate attire, eat good food, and have a fun night out downtown with beautiful, warm and breezy spring weather.

This past week has been an emotional and very busy one.  Since last week we've thrown a bridal shower, experienced the passing of a school leader, comforted each other and our students, and then I went out of town for a friend's low-key bachelorette weekend, and thankfully have been able to regain a bit of peace and normalcy in teaching my kiddos at school today (before the storms, that is). There has been a huge outpouring of strength and love at our school, and that can only mean positive things.

. . . . .

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