April 22, 2011

fill in the blank friday 4.22

Fridays are ... great, anyway, but so much better when I have them off of work. Friday is my favorite day of the week because no matter what is going on, in a few hours, it will be over and will be the weekend.

Alone time, sunny days, mood fitting music, happy hugs from my kids at work, my friends, 70 degree weather, good books, organized spaces, and new dresses ...make me terribly happy.

Something that inspires me is... this blog, this blog, this movie, pretty photos, to-do lists (mine, other peoples', or in magazines), books... lots of things.

If I had the day off today I would... well, considering the fact that I do, in fact, have today off, I might: enjoy iced coffee with vanilla almond milk, mayhaps get a bit of exercise, force myself to do some necessary cleaning and organizing, work on a craft project or  two... if I accomplish a couple of those things, I'll be happy. 

If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is... not yet developed. I have yet to have the opportunity to decorate a place that is all my own. I've either decorated half of a dorm room, contributed to an apartment, or squished all of my possessions back into my bedroom at my parents' house. I'm excited to find out what my decorating style will be, and sometimes I get such strong urges to decorate, I feel like I may burst. I feel like I would like to create spaces that could be described as fresh and eclectic

Concerning politics I would say I'm... pretty moderate. I just don't like people who are so far left or so far right that it's so in your face and OBNOXIOUS, that it's all they seem to think or talk about. 

I'd like to go...  on a trip to somewhere new to me and relaxing, whether that's the woods or the beach, I don't know...   so I could...  have some time to learn to breathe again, recharge, and hopefully gain a fresh perspective on, well, everything. 


  1. Hello, dear. To answer your question about photos of us, I just carry my camera. The tripod is huge and bulky, and it would make for better photos, but I don't like to carry it. We just get creative! I have balanced it from a branch of a tree, on rocks, and just on the ground. It actually gives a completely different perspective to your photos, and we've come out with some interesting stuff!

  2. oooh! i agree with you on that last one! :)


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