April 13, 2011

parts of my day worthy of little lovey notes:
dear wednesday,  thanks for meaning that the week is all down hill from here! i love how you do this for me every week without fail.     
dear TCAP, while you are the source of impending doom for many of my co-workers and students, i kind of think i might like you. i have four days to simply read you to a group of fourth graders.  we'll see tomorrow if my feelings for you have changed.   
dear freshy fresh toesies, i'd like to take a moment to apologize for never having gotten you a pedicure before.  now that i'm aware of the wonders of the squeezes, scrubs, and massages....oh holy goodness. i'll never hold out on you again. 
 dear boyfriend,  make that cold thing that you caught from me go away soons, ok?  we have a neat little date to go on this weekend. 

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