May 6, 2011

put your paws up, baby.

...or maybe better titled "How 30+ Women Gained 15 lbs EACH in Just One Week".

I'm finding that there are many reasons that the school I get to teach at is the very best school-- and one big reason is the PTO.  

When I was little, "Teacher Appreciation Week" meant bringing in a wad of flowers from the flower bed, and some moms sending in a casserole for the teachers to "enjoy" during their lunch time. 
Apparently some things have changed!  The PTO at our school puts on a week long themed extravaganza every year, and I'm glad I got to take part in this one!

This year's theme was "Fashion Week", and we were invited to make Avant Garde headpieces from a little headband, and were provided with an AWESOME lunch every day, and today was the "Main Event".

Monday, we were transported to Paris and had every kind of soup imaginable, french bread, and MADE TO ORDER cinnamon-sugar beignets with ice cream.

Tuesday, we moved to Milan, and had a huge salad, THREE kinds of pastas from Macaroni Grill, and every kind of dessert under the sun (cappuccino cheesecake?!)

Wednesday, we were in "Miami", and were provided a huge gourmet nacho bar, complete with MADE TO ORDER fruit smoothies, by sweet moms just waiting around with a blender wanting to serve us.

Thursday, our "port of call" was at home, and our principals provided a huge breakfast for everyone from Cracker Barrel, with biscuits, fried apples, and hashbrown casserole. Obviously more health food.

AND today, Friday, was the "Teacher Appreciation Luncheon". 
 We all dressed up in our fancy clothes, every teacher got their classroom covered by a parent volunteer, and we donned our secret Avant Garde fashion head pieces, and got to gather for 2 whole hours in the gym.   

For the past week and a half, a small group of us have been constructing and paper mache-ing a HUGE egg, Lady GaGa style, for a secret "entrance" into the luncheon. Everyone has been asking what the "secret" we've been planning is, and we finally got to reveal "Lady Faye-Faye and the Fashionistas".  Complete with Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" blasting from the sound system, we wheeled Mrs. Faye out to the crowd nestled in her giant egg, perched atop carts we had tied together... we spun her around a few times to the music, and then she BURST out of it, headpiece and all.  I'm pretty sure our little friends are going to go down in SCE history for that move, and I'm glad I got to be a part of it.  It was just too funny. 

After Lady Faye-Faye's performance, some of the teachers participated in a fashion show provided by Belk, which was fun to watch.

The rest of the luncheon was just so sweet- the PTO moms had set up a cute little dimly lit area for us to eat lunch with each other in our funny hats, and showered us in Cheesecake Factory cheese cake, gave us all huge goody-bags, and then gave out such nice door prizes.
These moms really are the BEST, and this week was SO MUCH FUN because of them.
Except now I've literally gained back all of my weight from our Biggest Loser competition, 
and now I have a LOT of work to do! 
Totally worth it. 

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  1. um. wow. that is awesome. at my school we had buddy's bbq catered one day. and i didn't even eat any because i felt sick.


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