June 10, 2011

fill in the blank friday 6.9.11

This weekend I'm.... going on an interview this morning (eep.) , and then hoping to plan something fun for Vince's day off on Saturday.  We need to go hiking or something. 

My last vacation was... last summer's family trip to the beach at Hilton Head, technically. I count most of last summer as an extended vacation though, because it was so perfect and I miss it ALL THE TIME. Staying with Vince while he got paid to live at the airport Hilton, taking myself on breakfast picnics at the park in the early morning sunshine, working out in the cute little gym, napping on the humongous bed while awful MTV shows played on tv, and taking my book to sit out on the veranda at Starbucks to read for a few hours in the breeze until Vince got off work so we could go try someplace new for dinner... how PERFECT.  Or per-fact, according to Ashley the always excited Bachelorette. 

My next vacation will be... well, technically, middle of next month when the family goes back to Hilton Head, but I'm considering little mini-trips this summer vacations as well. We WILL go camping sometime this summer, we may be going on a zip lining adventure next week (!!), and we also plan to go somewhere new to us, and visit Ohio to ride some roller coasters at King's Island!

My favorite way to relax is...  with a book, in a breeze, in the shade on a warm day.  Vince could be there too, I suppose.

When vacationing one should always... do some research before hand so you have options during those times that you think "well.. now what?" when you don't really know the area or what's offered. I heart trip research. 

When vacationing one should never ... sleep the whole day (or week) away. I feel SO WASTEFUL if I sleep too late, and go all day feeling like I've missed something, or didn't take the opportunity to do something awesome. You can sleep all you want on a boring weekend at home.. not someplace great that you've paid to go to!

The best part about a vacation is... the anticipation of getting there, and then getting into a new, relaxed routine. A routine that may involve a sunrise walk on the beach, a drive to a new breakfast place (or simply a muffin on a balcony overlooking the ocean), a walk around an unfamiliar block just to see what's there and get a feel for the town.... I love new places. And I love vacation. 

So, I've been completely absent from this blog for quite some time...  A combination of feeling somewhat uninspired, and being very busy are to blame... but now school is out, so I have a few weeks of free time, and plan to get back in the swing of things. I want to take this blog back to its roots... of the original plan for it to be a place to appreciate tiny moments of my life.  It's a work in progress, but I'm thinking about it!

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