July 5, 2011

4th of July

I'm realizing that the 4th of July is one of my favorite little holidays. Weeks ahead of time, I start thinking about how we should spend the day and as night falls, where we should sit for optimum firework viewing. I even made a festive little headband for the occasion. Vince and I spent most of the day in the pool, and our new lobster-y look shows it. Mom tried to stay out of the heat by making cobblers and potato salad inside, and Dad and Danny joined us in the pool for a while before beginning the grilling out process. Yesterday was just a good, relaxing day. We headed out to scope out the new firework spot around 8, and settled on the PERFECT spot at the edge of a line of "Do Not Cross" tape around a hilly field. We later overheard that we were on the edge of the "fall-out zone", hence the tape.  We worried that we wouldn't be able to see over the tall grass or if we'd picked a good spot, but after we could see exactly where the first gigantic string of fireworks were being shot from, and they exploded directly above us, we got over it.  I don't like to be able to see an entire fireworks show in one little range of vision- I want to be engulfed by explosions of awesomeness, have to look around to see everything, and be half amazed, and half afraid that we're going to catch on FIRE. That's just a good time, to me :)   Afterwards, we marveled at our accidental viewing-spot-picking abilities, and returned home to sit around together and eat blackberry cobbler and ice cream.  We had one minor detour when we thought Brutus the firework hating dog had been accidentally left outside and had crashed through the fence to make a mad dash for safety when the fireworks started, but we found on the 2nd frantic lap around the house that he'd just gone on a lonely search for his people, wandered into my bedroom, and let the door close behind him, so he was stuck.  Aside from the temporarily lost dog and the amount of blue sunburn goo we had to wear to bed to calm the stinging, it was such a good day.  :)

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