August 29, 2011

dear monday 8.29.11


dear monday,
      you're supposed to be a high of 88 degrees, which while only 2 degrees shy of 90, sounds infinitely better than the alternative. I feel as though we're on the cusp of some really pretty weather. 

dear week ahead,
      while my work day will be a little bit busier from here on out with the addition of a couple more classrooms to help out in, i do suspect that my after-school life will be a bit slower paced since kelli and i  completed Girl-date Bucket list Week. Last week was so much fun, but I am looking forward to being a bit less tired.

dear boyfriend,
       today starts your second semester of the great return to earning your mechanical engineering degree. good luck, i believe in you, and you can do anything you really dedicate yourself to.

have a wonderful monday

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