August 9, 2011

It's the little things...

- Or -
5 Random Things We Do That Make Me Really Happy


(1.) Holding feet.
Any time we're feeling snuggly, we always end up with our legs in a way that the arches of our feet cradle the other person's foot arch. Thus, the term "holding feet". Totally cooler than that other display of affection- holding hands.  Psssh.

(2.) Using some sort of morse code to request kisses.
Eliminating the guess work by making a "tsk tsk tsk tsk" sound that simply means, "Hey you. Pucker up. Stat."

(3.) Frequent hair pets.
I have to believe that few couples enjoy having their hair petted as much as we both do. This is one of the most frequently requested favors between us by far. I generally ask for hair pets quite subtlely, simply placing Vince's hand on top of my head until he gets the hint. Substantial time having my hair played with = works. for. me.

(4.) Picking out bad radio songs and making them wayyyy worse.
I'll just go ahead and go on record and state that neither of us are gifted in the singing department. I suffice to say that you'll never hear sweet stories about moonlight serenades or beautiful duets in the course of our relationship.... but we sure do have fun picking out random songs on the radio, and choosing only a few words of the lyrics to sing over and over. Or to sing in weird voices. Or to take turns singing alternating words.
Exhibit A: a sampling of lyrics from a Lil Wayne song. 
I sing the pink words, and he sings the blue. 
Oooh, Baby.
I'll be stuck to you like glue, baby.
Wanna spend it all on you, baby.
...and so on.      
...Actually. I will add that we have a pretty earth-shattering rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody down pat. Our one claim to fame.

(5.) Going on Vibram walks.
After succumbing to my jealousy over Vince's KSO's and purchasing my own, we now have the opportunity to take nature walks for the sole purpose of wearing our Vibrams out together, talking about how dreamy our toesies feel on a dirt path, and getting pointed at by passers-by stating "NICE. SHOES." and "What. Are. THOSE?" Makes us feel a little bit neat.

Basically, a whole LOT of things we do make me happy.  


  1. Love these and Vibrams are AWESOME :) Best hiking "shoe" I've ever had--always enjoy to see other people wearing them too and I agree it's always funny to hear the commentary from passer-byers ;) Found you via The Little Things We Do....Enjoy your weekend!


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