August 28, 2011

This weekend...


This weekend was a slow one. I spent Friday afternoon at the Walk-in clinic to get a strep test done, Saturday I ran a couple errands and spent some time at Joann's looking for new fabric and then caught up on DVR'd TV shows, and Sunday (today) I worked for about 5 hours on a sewing project that failed miserably... now I can't help but think what else I could have been doing instead of that project, and feel sad that my weekend is all gone, but I'm glad to at least know the way NOT to go about what I'd tried to accomplish and now know better for next time. I still kinda feel like I'm sick with something, so I couldn't have done too much anyway, and it was probably better for me to rest.  Sometimes weekends aren't filled with the blissful, magic moments that I daydream of while I'm at work, and that's okay.  I'll try again in about 5 days.   ;)

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